Wiki Analysis Project

Unlike previous projects, the Wikipedia article was a host of useful information surrounding the Newark 1967 Riots. My previous data was the mapping data and there were numerous issues with that, specifically revolving around how the incidents were being presented. With the mapping I couldn’t see the data as clearly as I wanted to, with the Wiki article I could find the infromation a lot easier, the dates were labeled clearly but I noticed that compared to the information ive gathered in the past from creating spreadsheets and maps there were a considerable amount of events that were left out of the wikipedia article. No where does it say how the national guard repeatedly shot into buisnesses and killed people in their homes. The way the information is presented does not reflect on the actual incidnet as a whole. What the Wiki article does is it allows people to see how the events occured but doesnt go into that great of detail. One of the bonuses to using Wikipedia on the other hand is that it is really usuful for finding names and places of where stuff happened, the issue with that is it can take awhile to find the exact information your looking for. It describes some of the events in moderate detail but doesnt outright paint law enforcment as agressors or agitators. Compared to the previous classifications as disorder the Wiki article treats the events in Newark as something more of a rebellion or revolution, I’ve actively refuted this term in my group in class however because the article classified such an action as either a revolution or rebellion, this article presents the Newark Riots as a revolution, not just as a major disorder which was the previous classification of the Newark Riot for the last two project I’ve been working on.






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