Newark Timeline

Looking at the timeline, A lot of incidents occurred at nighttime. The first cluster of events took place on the 12th, with the crowd gathering around the 4th precinct after the arrest of John Smith. Throughout the Newark Riot, the pattern would continue with many violent actions taking place at night. The violence and riot categories appear around the same time than several killings, later on, are grouped together due to the heightened violence that had taken place. Most of my events made it onto the timeline as seen above, the one category that doesn’t appear too much is the stability category. I believe this is due to the nature of the incident that took place. While police did try and assert control there were no signs of stability until the Governor ordered the National Guard to go to Newark. The gaps in my timeline are periods during the day in which there were lulls in the violence. While last time I classified this as a Riot I would like to re-classify this event as a disorder. Disorders are a breakdown of society with a lack of any kind of direction. Looking at the timeline and being able to visually identify when and where instances of violence took place has made me change my thinking on how to classify the event. Due to the spread of the incidents and a large amount of violence, the events in Newark in July 1967 I classify as a disorder.






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