Mapping Project

Looking at the data created above you can see that a lot of the dots take place in the central war of Newark. This is similar to the data I’ve seen in the past, however it is very hard to tell where the clusters are taking place. Many of the events that I’ve included in the past occur in the same place, so the map does not reflect the total amount of events that are taking place in Newark. There is a large portion of my data that can’t bee shown either due to an overlap of events or the last of information surrounding the event taking place. One good quality the map provides is that it shows that the events are shown line up with the sporadic events we referenced in class. This map reinforces the classification that I’ve previously given the Newark Riot which I’ve classified as a disorder. The sporadic depiction of the events on the map confirms that there is elements of a disorder. Specifically this is a major disorder as we’ve referenced in class earlier in the year.






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