Analysis of a riot

Looking back at the data from the previous projects and seeing how events unfolded in the city of Newark New Jersey in 1967 from some slightly organized protests into a full-scale riot that claimed many lives and resulted in extensive property damage to the city of Newark. With those concepts in mind and looking back a the last few entries I have classsfied the events in newark as a major disorder. Looking back at the timeline and the map I was able to see that the events were sporadic in nature. this had gone along with the previous data that I had been preiovisly created back during the data collection section of the course. Why does the events being sporadic matter? It matteres because what that shows is that there wasnt any particular person or any kind of organized group that led the violence in the city so we cannot call it rebellion and the level of violence is far to high for a small civil disorder. People were shot busnessses looted and burned over the course of several days. There is some sense of organization in the beggining around the 4th precinct, however the peak of the violence had occured after the crowdsd were sent away from the 4th precinct. In the begginging of the project I originally had made the assumption of classifying the events in Newark as just a riot however due the the many ways I created visual data I can say that classfiying the event sin Newark as just a riot is inaccurate. There are many demensions of disorder that go into consideration such as groups involved when and where did it start, what makes Newark so unique is the level of violence that the people of Newark were subjected to, anyone couldve been a victem due to how large the riot was. I slowly began to develop a new classifation for the Newark incident. The tipping point was during the mapping prject where I could tell where and when events occured and this is where I fimly stand by the classfication that the events in Newark in 1967 are a major disorder due to the sporadic nature of the disorder and the extremly high level of violence and death.






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